How Did My Ciliary Get Locked Up – Part 1

After learning about the eye and the cause of myopia I now know that my ciliary muscle got locked because I looked at too much stuff close up and not enough far away. It was like keeping a tight fist all the time and eventually it became stuck that way.

Therefore, it is important to limit the use of screen time for kids, especially during their developing years between the ages of 0-6. Giving a kid a phone, tablet or computer and having them stare it constantly will cause the ciliary muscle to lock-up. It affects some more than others, but more and more studies show that kids are needing glasses.

Even for us adults we need to limit how much time we’re looking at tablets, phones, and computer screens because the more we see close up stuff the worse our long distance vision can get!

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  1. I’d like to note that reading can do this too, not only screens. People like to be negative about screens (and partly that’s correct), but reading has such a good reputation that no one likes to be negative about it. But that’s what caused my myopia. I’d read for hours and hours as a child with no breaks. Yes, it helped my mind, but there can be too much of a good thing sometimes.

    1. I absolutely agree with this! I use to read often as a child as well. Now that I know more about vision, I’ve realized that as kids we should be taught how to read properly so we don’t end up becoming myopic. Moving your head and eyes together as you read lines on a page is so important and puts less strain on the whole vision system. No one ever taught me that but I will be sure to teach this to my kids.

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