Impossible Possibility

I know there are many people out there who think it is not possible to restore your vision once it degrades from myopia but think about this for a moment: Growing up in the 80s the Rubik’s cube and pyramid puzzles were the rage. It was once thought that they were impossible to solve. I first learned how to solve the pyramid puzzle in under 15 seconds and later learned to solve the Rubik’s cute. While I take a little longer to solve a cube, I still learned how to do it.

These puzzles were not very hard at all to learn to solve, but many people think they are. They just involve learning to move one piece at a time. Once you learn how the pieces move, you can solve one side. After you solve one side you learn how to solve two. Then is just a matter of learning the pattern to fix the rest.

I looked at my vision restoration journey as a possibility that did not differ from learning to solve a puzzle. I got my mind set, learned how the pieces move, and then started to solve one thing at a time.  After I got 1, I did 2, and so on. When you can see the results however small or slow as it may be, that makes the impossible possible!

My eyes were telling me for a long time it was possible to restore my vision but I was ignoring the signs. After looking back, I now know what those signs were. I remember times throughout my life when I’ve taken my glasses off and my eyes would start stinging, burning or feeling pressure or for a split second something was more clear but then it wasn’t. That was my eyes way of saying they wanted to see correctly. The whole time my eyes were telling me it’s possible, but I had it in my mind that it wasn’t until I started to listen and see what they wanted me to see.

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