Moments of Clarity – How I Started Restoring My Vision

For those who have known me know that I have worn glasses almost all my life. I started wearing glasses in elementary school around the age of seven, and over the years my prescription got stronger and stronger. I’m now (at the time of writing this) 42. I have myopia, which means I’m nearsighted. Around July 2018, I started to get eye pain randomly throughout the day, particularly in my left eye. I work in front of a computer over eight hours a day. I figured that I had just been sitting in front of my computer too much so I started to take time throughout the day to rest my eyes by taking my glasses off and closing my them for a while. Shortly after that, I started to have moments of clarity that randomly occurred. It wasn’t perfectly clear vision, but more clear than I had seen before. For instance, I would wake up in the middle of the night and see the numbers on an alarm clock across the room or I would wake up in the morning in see more clear for the first few minutes of each day.

This got me thinking that could it be possible to restore my vision naturally?

I started to do some research and found there were many people who claimed they wore glasses but now see 20/20 or better without them. I started to take even more breaks and resting my eyes throughout the day. I stopped wearing my glasses as much and the more I did this, the more small moments of clarity I started experiencing. It wouldn’t last very long, only for a few short seconds here and there. I started to see street signs at a distance, license plates of cars in front of me (while my wife Marcy was driving), and many other things that I couldn’t see before without my glasses. At first I thought I might be imagining all of this but I kept getting a few seconds clarity here and there over and over again. Something was clearly happening (pun intended)!

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  1. Hello sir ,I have gone through lasik(prk)but now its minus 0.5 dioptre again …. After 5 years…so will my eyes can be corrected naturally.

    1. Hi Ashok, I did research on Lasik and PRK and it’s something I would never consider because of this very thing that most people who have had it, have to get corrections again after so many years. Lasik is still just a band-aid and it’s not fixing the root cause. If the eyes continue to elongate after the surgery, you end up back in glasses again. I know 4 people personally that are going through this exact thing. Both surgeries are reshaping or cutting the cornea with a laser so you can see clearly and if it is cut too thin you can’t have another surgery later down the road.

      Unfortunately you can’t undo Lasik or PRK but you can start changing your vision habits now to prevent further elongation. Again I’m not a doctor so I don’t know what long term effects the Lasik will cause but changing your vision habits should prevent further elongation and could help restore your eyes back to where they were when you first got the surgery. If you’re only -.50 diopters then you need to spend more time outside and looking at stuff in your distance because that’s where your edge of blur will be.

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