Not One Thing At A Time, Everything At The Same Time!

After I realized how important the peripheral vision plays a role in how we see, I realized we don’t have to peripheral triangulate with 3 objects because we see everything at the same time. The eyes are capable of seeing and interpreting the distance of many more peripheral objects than what I originally believed. I built up to this over a few months as I got more and more comfortable seeing lots of stuff in my field of view. All of this to say that I was building up to the ultimate realization about how vision works and how we see clearly. Keep reading because we’re getting to the good stuff!

I also noticed over time my peripheral vision got sharper!  I could make out large text and recognize objects in more detail without directly looking at them. I then realized the more you use your peripheral vision, the sharper the central field of view will be.

I would often challenge myself to see how many objects I could see and recognize at the same time without looking at them.

I remember being told you can only look at or do one thing at a time but I just proved to myself that your eyes and brain are interpreting and processing everything at the same time.

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