Peripheral Triangulation

I’m sure many of you have heard and seen that we can track a cell phone’s location. This is done by using 3 cell phone towers to pinpoint the location of the phone in an area or zone. Look at this image.

I’ve found that our eyes work the same way as cell phone triangulation. We look at stuff with our central vision, which is the sharpest, but we also have to use our peripheral vision to triangulate. Look at this image.

If I want to focus on the center object with my central vision, I have to use my external peripheral vision to make the center sharp and clear. I use my external peripheral vision to say to my brain Object 1 on the right is closer to me than the center. Object 2 on the left is almost out of my field of view but still closer than the center. Object 3 in the background is slightly right of the center but way further away. By noticing the external peripheral objects in my field of view but not looking at them directly, our brain calculates exactly how far away the center object is and how to focus the lenses of the eyes to make that object sharp and in focus. It’s really that simple. I discovered this because the more I noticed objects in my peripheral vision without looking at them directly the faster my eyes started to focus correctly and sharpen what I was looking at!

At this point in my restoration journey, I realized that we lose our ability to focus properly when we stop triangulating with our peripheral vision. The good news is that you can get it back by simply retraining your brain and peripheral vision to triangulate. When I consciously do this, I see crystal clear close and far!. Some days when I would walk outside my vision cleared without me even thinking about it and that’s because my brain and peripheral vision were starting to work together the way it’s supposed to be in the first place. People who don’t wear glasses do this naturally.

Doing this one simple thing, peripheral triangulation, is not an exercise! It’s simply making your eyes work the way they are supposed to work. I realized the peripheral vision was very important in how we see after 5 months of trying to restore my vision. I later learned that was the peripheral vision was just the tip of the iceberg but still very important to how we see!

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