The Dangers Of Glasses, Contacts and Lasik

After it’s determined by an optometrist that you supposedly need glasses, they start you with a minus lens if you have myopia. Your prescription may start off low like -1.00 in your left and right eye and then over time they will get higher and higher. In November 2018 I started my vision restoration journey I was -5 in my left eye and -4 in my right eye! I also had an astigmatism cylinder correction of -1.00 with an 80 degree axes in my left eye. The astigmatism added additional blur and refraction in my left eye, and I needed an additional adjustment to correct it.

The longer your eyes are exposed to minus lenses or contacts, they will start to elongate. The eyeball starts off round but then elongates to a more oval shape over time when exposed to minus lenses. When the eyes get too elongated, there is the risk of retinal detachment, which can lead to permanent blindness. This is basically when the retina peels off the back of the eye.

When it comes to Lasik surgeries, a flap is cut into the cornea of the eye with a laser. While this will allow light coming into the lens to focus properly, it doesn’t fix elongation of the eye. If the eye degrades even more after Lasik, which happens often then it will continue to elongate and you’ll need a Lasik tune up after so many years of the original surgery. This can still lead to retinal detachment when the eyes get too long.

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