My Path to 20/20 Basic Journey Guide

How I Started To Look At The World Differently


In This guide I tell you

How I Got my First Clear Flash

I was able to temporarily get perfectly clear vision without my glasses. Overtime I was able to reproduce this for longer moments of clarity.

My Thoughts on REduced Lenses

You may have come from another vision restoration method but I will explain my thoughts on reduced lens or contacts.

About bad habits

I realized that I had many bad habits that caused my vision to get worse over the years.

What I realized Caused my Vision to Fail

I should not have been able to see clearly but I did. That's when I realized there is mental block that keeps vision from working properly.

ABout The Techniques

I perfected 4 basic techniques that allowed me to naturally restore my vision without glasses. These techniques are the key to total visual relaxation.

developing Good Habits

I tell you how I took the 4 basic techniques and turned them into habits.

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