Motion Sickness Or Dizzyness Copy

When you first become aware of your peripheral, it can be very disorienting because of taking in so much information that you’re not used to. I have heard of some people becoming motion sick or dizzy from the experience. Be very persistent and keep up with noticing the peripheral and this will go away.

After I graduated from high school, I started competitive rollerskating. When I first learned how to do spins, I was constantly dizzy. Within two weeks, the dizziness went away, and I had no issues after that. At some point in my skating career I had about a 15 year break. When I came back to skating and started doing spins again, I got dizzy again like I had just started. However, this time it only took me about a few days to get over the dizziness.

The moral of the story is the longer you do something the more you will get used to it and then it will have no effect on you. I used to get carsick whenever I would read or use my smart phone in a vehicle. Now that is no longer an issue for me because I’m aware of the movement and motion in my peripheral!

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