My name is Mark Warren

I was nearsighted and

I learned to restore my vision naturally!

If you can! All things are possible for one who believes.

Mark 9:23

If You Are Nearsighted...

Do I only see the thing you are looking at?

Do I stare at things that are close-up? Examples are cellphones, books, TV, etc.

Do I prefer to be indoors versus being outside?

Do I watch tv, look at my phone or use a computer in the dark?

If You Answered To Most Of These Questions,

These are some of the bad vision habits that I have had that
caused my vision loss and made it worse!

I learned to fix all of these bad habits with no surgery.

May 25, 2008
March 31, 2009
January 8, 2011
January 25, 2012
December 8, 2018

Doctors told me I was nearsighted around the age of 7. I’ve worn glasses and/or contacts for over 35 years and my prescription got progressively stronger and stronger.

I work in front of a computer most of the day and also do digital photography. Around July 2018, I started to get eye pain. I started to rest my eyes and not wear my glasses as much. Shortly after this I noticed brief moments of clarity where I could see more clear. I asked myself, could nearsighted vision be restored naturally? This started me on my journey that has allowed me to restore my vision to 20/20. I will tell you how I did it on this website.

There is no magic pill for vision restoration and it takes a lot work. I’m providing you with knowledge that I used to fix my vision and you can use this knowledge or not.  I found my own truth through research and listening to my body and I corrected my vision naturally because of it.  

How Do You Know That You Can Restore Your Vision Naturally?

I’m sure this is one of the first questions that you may be asking. Read this and even if you try nothing else on this site, know that it is possible by understanding this simple principle. 

Imagine that one day you get a charley horse in your leg, which is nothing more than a muscle spasm. If you’ve never had one, a direct blow or sudden stretch of the muscle can cause it, but most of the time they’re caused by strain or fatigue during exercise. A charley horse can occur anywhere but they most commonly occur in the leg. It hurts so much trying to straighten your leg but once you relax, after a while the spasm goes away and you can walk again. 

Now instead of relaxing the muscle what if a doctor said, “Well since you have this spasm and can’t walk, here are some crutches and since you can’t use your leg, you have to use them forever!” The crutches allow you to walk but it never addressed the problem of the charley horse which is nothing more than a spasm that needs to be worked out. 

Guess what? If you’re nearsighted or have myopia, it’s the same thing as a charley horse except instead of it being in your leg, the spasm is in the muscles of your eye! We’ll go over these muscles later but when the eye muscle spasms it locks up and won’t release causing your vision to get stuck seeing close but won’t relax to see far. If you go to an eye doctor, they give you a pair of crutches called glasses or contacts to help you but it doesn’t address or fix the root problem which is the muscle spasm. The longer you wear glasses or contacts, the more you become dependent on them and your muscle spasm gets stronger and stronger. Your prescription also gets stronger overtime. There is a correlation between the two. 

This alone should get you thinking about your vision and should start the wheels turning in your mind that if it’s possible to flex or exercise that locked up muscle that has spasmed in your eyes, it’s possible to see clearly once it’s released. 

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