My Path to 20/20 Advanced Journey guide

How I Started To Look At The World Differently


How much is your vision worth to you?

In This guide I tell you

about Refining the Basics

You can accomplish vision restoration with just the basics but I learned to start refine further which lead to more relaxation.

How to strengthen the eye muscles

Not only did I need to learn to relax but I also had to strengthen my eyes as well.

Other astigmatism correction methods

The hardest thing to correct was the astigmatism but I learned a few other techniques to help minimize it.

About multi-object Tracking

Tracking two objects converging and diverging is just the beginning. The goal is to learn to see everything at once.

About relaxation

Relaxation was the ultimate key to restoring my vision and I taught myself how to do it easier.

balancing unequal eyes

Balance the vision between eyes is also a challenge but I learned that eyes with stronger prescriptions have more tension.

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