Can myopia be cured naturally?

Can myopia be cured naturally?

So the question is, can nearsightedness be cured or improved? Can myopia be healed naturally and without surgery? The short answer is yes. Now whether you believe that myopia can be healed or improved naturally, without surgery is up to you to decide. I’m going to start by saying in my case it wasn’t that I found the cure for myopia or nearsighted vision, I simply learned to start looking at and using my eyes differently from what I was taught and what I taught myself to do from years of bad habits. That improved vision naturally until I didn’t need glasses anymore.

For me, I learned myopia was more of muscle imbalances and tension in the eyes, head, neck and body. While there was muscle tension throughout my entire body, I learned much of the imbalances were due to mental deficiencies. Fact: Your brain controls all the muscles in your body. If the brain is not interpreting sensory input data properly, it can change your muscle tone. This is when I concluded much of vision is a mental issue. I simply learned to reprogram my brain to use these muscles the way they should be used.

How My Myopia Symptoms Started

My myopia symptoms started around the age of 7 or 8. I recall not being able to see the board clearly and one of my teachers recommended to my parents that I might need glasses, so I had my first eye exam at the eye doctor. That started me down a path that wouldn’t be corrected until I was in my 40s. My prescription started low, but as with many who have been given the label of being myopic, that number increased with each yearly checkup. My last prescription was starting to border high myopia. My Left Eye was -5.0 with a -1.00 power astigmatism correction at 80 degrees and my Right Eye was -4.00.

Is Bad Vision Learned or Inherited?

My brother is only one in my immediate family that doesn’t wear glasses. My mom, sister and I are near-sighted and my dad is far-sighted. In my wife’s immediate family, her sister is the only one in their family that doesn’t wear glasses. My brother works in an office in front of a computer all day and my sister-in-law does the same. My brother is very active playing sports outside, but my sister-in-law isn’t. How come they don’t have vision issues but every one else in the family does? It was that burning question of can myopia be cured naturally that led me to ask them what they saw when they were looking at me? They both could describe all kinds of things without ever taking their eyes off of me! I told them, I didn’t see that way. I only saw one thing at a time. That was the beginning of me understanding that I wasn’t seeing the whole picture. I was blocking most of my peripheral view, and it had a big effect on my vision.

I know some things can be passed through heredity, but I don’t think myopia is one of them. I believe it’s a learned behavior and once you learn what causes it, it can be fixed.

Why I wanted to cure my myopia?

Can myopia be cured naturally?

Looking through lenses makes you feel like you’re hiding from the world. I really wanted to know, can myopia be cured naturally? I also realized I had never seen things as they truly were, and my view was limited. Even with contacts, what I saw just never felt right.

I worked in front of a computer screen for over 8 hours a day and as time went on, I would feel more and more strain. Some days by the time I finished work, my eyes would hurt painfully from overuse. I got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore and made the decision to do something about it.

What Changed?

I started to take more breaks while working. I would take off my glasses and close my eyes for a few minutes, several times per day. One night, I woke up, looked across the room, and to my surprise, I could read the numbers on a digital alarm clock. It wasn’t perfectly clear, but it was clear enough for me to see the numbers. Normally it would have been blurry, and I wouldn’t be able to read any numbers at all unless I put on my glasses or walked across the room to see it. However, on this particular night I could see it. That got me thinking, can myopia be cured naturally?

That started me down a path to improve my vision for however long it took.

My What The Heck Moment

I researched various vision restoration methods and tried different techniques. After a few months of trying to improve my vision, one day I was standing in my backyard just rocking side to side, trying to relax. All of a sudden, my eyes started to sting and tear up. The next thing I knew, I was seeing clearly. It only lasted for a few seconds and at first I thought I had imagined it. It was quite an intense moment that I’ll never forget. A few days later, I got it to happen again and this time it lasted a bit longer. Seeing clearly like that should have never happened according to everything I knew about eye elongation, but yet here I was seeing perfectly clear. It was at that point that I knew I was doing something mentally to block myself from seeing clearly all the time. That was the start of my journey to learn to see this way all the time.

What are the Options Available for Myopia Treatment?

Glasses or contacts – Myopia Control

I have already been wearing glasses or contacts for over 30 years. This is the typical myopia treatment for most people when it comes to eye care. I learned that glasses are nothing more than crutches. They don’t teach you to use your eyes properly. Glasses make them weaker and more strained over time, and then you end up with myopia progression. Your prescription will continue to increase year after year because you never addressed the problem of tension and strain.

Laser, LASIK, or PRK Surgery

At one time I considered myopia laser eye surgery, Lasik or PRK, but something kept telling me, don’t do it! Later, I learned from many friends that had some type of vision correction surgery greater than 5 years ago that they all had to go back for a tuneup. Many of them ended up wearing glasses again. If this was supposed to be the solution to myopia, then why did it come back? Knowing this made me realize for my eye health, surgery is not a permanent cure and once your eyes have been operated on, they will never be the same, and you can never go back.

The Natural Way

Or you could learn to cure your myopia the natural way!

What I did to correct my myopia?

Each time I was able to get a clear flash, I learned from the experience. I became very observant to what I was doing and how my body was feeling when I got these clear moments. I realized relaxation is the key to release of muscle tension, but how do you get this relaxation? I summed it up as this:

  • Breathing and Posture
  • Awareness and Sensory
  • Trust and Acceptance

They work in pairs and they all of these lead to calmness and clarity.

I started to spend more time working on these things than doing any eye exercises. Not only did my vision improve, but also my overall health and mind-body connection.

What about low, high or severe myopia?

I believe no matter how severe myopia one has, one can see perfectly clear in a matter of minutes. Of course, this only occurs once you learn how to relax your body and nervous system. I got my first clear flash when I was supposed to be wearing -5.00 correction in my worst eye. There’s no way that should have happened but yet it did. The number doesn’t matter at all! I think the only thing a high myopia number tells me is how stressed and how much tension you carry in your body.

The Journey

There were some important things I learned on my journey to fix my vision.

It will take time.

Getting the clear flash is rather easy to get once you know what to do. The hard part is learning to make the clear flash permanent. Fixing your vision will take as long as it needs to. It can be quick for some and longer for others. Time is irrelevant! For me, I was able to get many clear moments, but I had a hard time stabilizing the clarity all the time. Once I stopped trying to just fix my eyes and started working on the body as a whole, the stabilization became more permanent.

It might get frustrating.

I had good days and bad days, and it can get quite frustrating at times. Sometimes I had perfect clarity and other times I had soft and even double vision. I didn’t give up because I knew what was possible, and I just kept trying until it clicked. You have to remember you’re reteaching your brain how to work after years of bad habits! Take it one day at a time. Enjoy the good times and enjoy the journey.

If you want to learn more about how I improved and fixed my vision, you can start by going through my free Basic Journey Guide.


  1. It´s all about neuroplasticity. I am learning more about it reading Miton Erickson’s teachings.
    Erickson had explored this field and his friends and disciples too; Bandler and Grinder (NLP), Abraham-Hicks (Esther Hicks), Robert Dilts, Jeffrey Zeig, Rob McNeilly, Bill O’Hanlon, Aldous Huxley (also cured his severe hyperopia), Gregoy Bateson, Margaret Mead.

    I’ve learn that any trauma or ‘programming’ or ‘re-programming’ is done in altered state of mind; in a hyper focus, in trance state, open state, vulnerable state.
    Since, we have to create a favorable climate, as Erickson used to say, and change will occur in a deep level.

    In a deep level I mean in a symbolic world of (association with figures of animals, objects, colors, geometric figures, phantasies), in words by itself, in body posture, in building new, broader and healthier (funny, simple, easier) associations (they use to call ‘reframing’), in emotions.

    Neuroplasticity resides on being open. receptive, receiving.

    “Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God LIKE A LITTLE CHILD will never enter it.”

    We experience the world first through our first life like a child:
    in a simple, easier and soften voice, with poor grammar, with simple phrases, with different tempo, doing a bunch of mistakes, mispelling words, in a tone of voice soft, natural, word playing, playing with words, laughing.

    That’s how human being can easily access the healing power, being gently, generous, respecting him/herself, trusting the non-conscious mind, shifting the inner dialogue or simply shut down and singing a simple and beautiful song or remembering a good joke.

    Like seeding, we just let the soil do what it already know to do, in a deep level.

  2. True story. For me anyway. And for you Mark. Thank you for clarifying it. I’m wearing glasses -6 and yet had the best moment ever yesterday. Could not believe it. I had to jump in the air from excitement. Actually wanted to yell and scream: I saw everything super clear on a long distance. And it lasted for at least several minutes.

    My question is
    1 how did you implement this. You’re saying: “I started to spend more time working on these things than doing any eye exercises” Do you consider ‘rocking’ as an eye exercise?
    2 Can you give me examples of these:
    Breathing and Posture
    Awareness and Sensory
    Trust and Acceptance

    Thank you for your information and journey. Finally I got some huge results despite all the other vision improvement courses. But I needed them to discover your guide I guess.
    Warm wishes,
    Petra Bouwe (The Netherlands, Europe)

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