Why can’t I just buy the Advanced Journey Guide? I have to sign up for the free Basic Journey Guide first?

I require that everyone sign up for the free Basic Journey Guide first before allowing you to purchasing the Advanced Journey Guide for a few reasons.

The basic techniques are foundations for everything that I did to improve my vision. I want to show and prove to you that vision can be changed and improved just by doing a few simple things as often as you can. If you can get a clear flash and see improvement in your vision by doing these things, you know that natural eyesight improvement works! The Advanced Journey Guide takes a deeper dive into the basic techniques and gives you more of the “Why,” these techniques work. I also tell you about many things that you never even considered that affect your vision. The Advanced Journey Guide is a look at vision improvement from a full body approach.

This is not about the money for me and that’s one of the reasons that the Advanced Journey Guide is not open to everyone to purchase whenever they want. I want you to have a good solid understanding of what is involved with some success before diving in deeper. For many, the basic guide is all they need. However, for others that want more, I want to help those who truly want to change not just their vision, but also their lives for the better.

Is the stinging and tearing just from dry eye?

No, it is not. The reason they are not dry eyes is that after some time I could get the stinging from the ciliary release but no tears.

I also learned how to stimulate the stinging in an individual eye. I would often work my weaker left eye with motion stimulus at the edge of blur for that eye. I would still work both eyes together but be at the edge of blur for the weaker eye. The stinging and tearing would only occur in the weaker eye. If it were a matter of dry eye, I would have the feeling in both eyes, but this wasn’t the case.

My eyes hurt after the stinging?

The first time I got stinging it was really intense, and my eyes did hurt for a little afterwards. Over time, it wasn’t as intense and my eyes didn’t hurt anymore. Yes, the stinging still stings and sometimes produces tears, but after a while you get used to it. When first starting off you’re not going to conquer Rome in a day so do think you’re going to get perfect at this in 2 days, etc. Take breaks when you feel fatigued and come back to it later in a day or two. I’ve been doing this for over 18 months, and it took me time to get used to the sensations and the feelings.

Is the clarity from the tears a contact lens effect?

No, it is not a contact lens effect. Again, after some time of experiencing this, I could get clarity with no tears.

I get double vision. How do I fix it?

Keep doing the techniques and turn them into habit! Sometimes my double vision was worse than other times but the more I turned my techniques into habit the easier it was to clear the double vision. The double vision was at its worse when I got below -1.5 diopters but as I equalized my eyes, it got easier to clear as I continued turning my techniques into habits.

Should I Patch?

No. Work both eyes together. Patching creates stress on the eye that is being patched. Work your weaker eye at the edge of blur to get it to equalize and balance to the dominant eye.

Can I do this in glasses?

Yes, but you need to always have blur challenge. If you choose to do this in glasses, I recommend that you use a reduce prescription of your choice (See the next question).

Even though you can do this in glasses, I learned to do the techniques as much as you can without glasses! You need to teach your brain how to use your eyes with no stimulus. It is possible to get clear flashes of perfect clarity, even with high myopia. People with myopia between -9.5 and -11 have commented that they were able to achieve clear flashes without glasses!

I was making much progress without glasses, but every time I put my glasses back on (even if they were reduced) I lost the progress that I gained. I started to wear my glasses only when absolutely necessary, like when driving or using machinery.

But I can’t see anything without my glasses?

Yes, you can! You can see size, shape, color and movement between objects. The objects just aren’t clear, but that will change the more you retrain your brain to see things differently. The most important thing is to notice movement between objects as you move. The more you notice this movement, the more clear the thing you are trying to see in focus starts to become.

How much should I reduce my prescription?

It’s up to you and I’m not going to tell you exactly how much you need to reduce. I reduced until I got to -2.50. After that, I stopped wearing my glasses as much. I reduced anywhere between .50 to 1 full diopter at a time. The key is blur challenge is needed. Work on seeing your peripheral when there is blur. Even though I reduced until I got to around -2.00 tried to use my glasses as little as possible and only when absolutely needed, ie driving, some work, working on machinery, etc.

How long should I do the drills, exercises, or techniques

All day, every day. These are not exercises! I repeat these are not exercises!! They are techniques that you need to turn into new vision habits! Get used to seeing this way all the time!

Should I use plus lenses or pinhole glasses

No. The more crap you put in front of your eyes, the more stress you put on them. Learn to use your eyes naturally.

Do I just move my head for rocking?

Rocking is from your waist or feet. The whole body moves side to side.

How long will this take?

As long as it is going to take to for you to get into the habit of seeing differently all the time.

How do I fix astigmatism?

I learned that the cornea gets misshapen by too much tension on the extra-ocular muscles causing the cornea to be football shaped. The key to reverse it is to learn to stop doing things that contribute to causing the problem. I found if I moved my eyes and head together, this takes the pressure and tension off the extra-ocular muscles and the astigmatism will fix itself. There’s really nothing special I had to do to fix it other than doing the techniques I’ve already talked about in the free guide and move my head and eyes together as one. Note that fixing astigmatism does take more time, but it improved for me as long as I was doing the techniques.

Can you really restore your nearsighted vision?

Well, I’m doing it and I’m seeing more clear each day. So for me, yes! For you, No… If you don’t put in the time, consistency or have the patience!

Aren’t you just getting blur adaptation?

No, because the more I get into the habit of seeing differently, the longer and more clearly I could see. There are plenty of moments of crystal clear, clarity and there is no blur or ghosting.

Where is your science?

I don’t care about science! I found a way to produce results and I can repeat it over and over again. I’ve been able to tell others how to do it exactly, what they will feel and what they will see. There’s my science!

Isn’t Myopia (Nearsightedness) Heredity?

I think it really boils down to bad vision habits. Sure there are some factors that can contribute but people who are nearsighted don’t look at stuff the same as people with 20/20 or better vision. Start watching people with good vision to see how they look at things. Also, ask them what they are seeing when they see stuff.

Does Age Matter?

I believe age has nothing to do with vision! Bad habits have everything to do with vision. If you break yourself out of the cycle of these bad habits and start working on good habits, then anyone can fix their vision! I don’t care how old or how young you are, all I’m saying is change the way you look at the world and see what kind of difference it makes with your vision! All the information I used to improve my vision is here on this site. It’s up to you if you want to try this for yourself, figure it out and implement it in your daily life.