Mental Not Medical

I had done a lot of research on various vision restoration techniques and had come across the Bates Method and Active Focusing. I tried both techniques. They each had merits and work but what I realized that while my eyes had been elongated from wearing glasses for years, if I concentrated enough during a few hours of my eyes workout sessions I could see almost crystal clear without my glasses. When I say almost crystal clear, it wasn’t 100% clear because of some double-vision which I’ll talk about this more later.

The problem was I couldn’t hold the clarity for long periods of time. The clarity would last for at most 20-30 seconds after I stopped doing the exercises. After a few months, I could clear my vision faster but again not being able to hold it very long. The time I could hold the clarity started getting longer. That’s when I realized, if my vision was a medical issue then how could I get clear vision without glasses when I concentrated on it for say a few hours? This is how I concluded that myopia is mental and not medical.

For years they told me that your eyes just get worse over time and you need glasses to fix it but here I was fixing the issue on my own without glasses at all! How could this be? I was doing something mentally that was blocking my ability to see properly. The more I worked on fixing my eyes, I realized I was overriding the block.

I still didn’t know exactly how I was getting my vision to clear on the fly but the longer I worked at it, the easier it was getting. Then one day it started to click.

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