Are Vision Improvement Techniques For Real?

I’m sure you’ve been told that once your eyesight starts to fail from myopia or near-sightedness, then it can’t be fixed without some sort of surgery like Lasik. I once believed that myself until that one day, I saw clearly without my glasses when I should have been wearing a prescription that borderlined on high myopia! The clear flash of vision that I had only lasted a few seconds but that made me question everything. I should have never been able to see clearly for any amount of time without my glasses but yet I did. I didn’t imagine it, and when I got it to happen again, I knew something didn’t add up.

I didn’t understand or know why my vision temporarily cleared up but over time I started to put the pieces together. When I got my first clear flash, I was standing in my backyard, looking off into the distance and just rocking from side to side. I just stared as far as I could, looking at a clear blue sky through some trees. I just stood there rocking for about 20-30 minutes when all of a sudden I started to see clearly.

Movement and awareness of my entire field of view also known as your peripheral, allowed me to relax enough to see clearly.

Do Vision Improvement Techniques Work?

I know you’re probably thinking great story, but do vision improvement techniques really work! I’m not going to try to convince you through words. I want you to prove to yourself that it does just by doing the same simple technique I did in my backyard. The video above on rocking will give you all the steps to see if this works for you or not.

I will say this… you may not get a perfectly clear flash by doing this technique for a few minutes. It may take an hour or longer and maybe a couple of rounds before your eyes start to release tension. However, if you see any improved clarity in your vision, you’ll know eyesight improvement is possible!